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Medical Alert Reviews

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Is a fall detection alert the best medical alert for mom?

by admin on June 13, 2012

in Best Medical Alert

Often people assume that since fall detection devices are newer and cost more, that they are the preferred system for mom. Just because you spend more money on it, doesn’t mean that it is the best medical alert for mom! In my experience, over time seniors can become frustrated if they accidentally set off their medical alert button a number of times. Now, the only way to set off a standard help button is to press that button. But with fall detection you have a medical alert button that activates on it’s own. So it is both easier to set off (while bending over, laying down, or even putting down a purse) and harder to really understand what had happened during a false alarm. So for many seniors a more straightforward system actual will work better! And you will save money too! There are some individual situations that may require fall detection – for example, if mom has a medical condition where she is likely to pass out during a fall or has a serious history of fainting. But if mom does not have a special situation, think about just using a standard medical alert for her situation…

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