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Best medical alert systems and myths about monitoring

by admin on August 9, 2012

in Best Medical Alert

There are two parts of a service to consider when looking for the best medical alert for your mom: Customer Service and Monitoring! Most of the large medical alert companies (like the ones listed on our site) provide solid, reliable monitoring, but there is a lot of misdirection out there when talking to different companies about monitoring centers. First of all, some companies routinely tell people that other companies monitor out of India or elsewhere overseas. This is simply not true – no American medical alert company that I know has a monitoring center located anywhere but the US. Other companies tell you that they are able to get you help quicker than other companies. The truth is that any company that is giving you a time estimate for how quickly you will get help, is making promises they can’t keep. They can however give you an estimate on how quickly their operator will speak to you after you press your help button… and, to be honest, that time doesn’t vary to much from company to company. The last myth I’d like to clear up is that owning their own monitoring center is better than contracting out for monitoring. A medical alert business could own their own center, and it could be terrible. Or a medical alert business could own their own center, and it could be great. The benefit of contracting out monitoring is that it allows the monitoring center to focus exclusively on providing the best monitoring possible, while the customer service office focuses on customer service! So this issue is certainly not as simple as some companies might lead you to believe! The monitoring for the biggest and best medical alert companies out there are going to be pretty comparable. It’s important that you don’t fall into anyone of these 3 traps when getting information though! I hope this helps!

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