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Medical Alert Reviews

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Best medical alert programs – which is the safest, most reliable?

by admin on September 21, 2012

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When you are conducting your search for the best medical alert, you are going to hear a lot of different stories from different companies. You will reach some aggressive salesmen who put too much pressure on your conversation, whether its by using fear tactics to get you to choose their program or even if its just asking again and again for a credit card. You are a smart shopper, so you’ll know it when you see it! I have done all of these calls with the companies I list and more, so I know exactly what you’re going through! One company even told me that my grandfather would only be safe with their company, because they are able to guarantee their service and no one else is. As someone familiar with the industry I find these tactics to be offensive! The reality is that all of these companies that I have listed on this website provide good, reliable service for seniors. Larger medical alert companies like these have their act together when it comes to monitoring. But not all of them have mastered the art of customer service. You can see an example of this as you make your calls to get information. Rather than putting a helpful representative on the phone with you whose salary does not depend on getting a sale, a number of these companies patch you through to a salesman! The information you are receiving from this person is filtered through their need to make the sale and make more money. Now I have met some wonderful salespeople in my life, who genuinely care and give great information up front. But the extreme also exists, and exists heavily in the medical alert industry. So take some of their pitches with a grain of salt, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is. You’ll be able to find the best medical alert for your parents, it just takes a little effort!

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