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Lifewatch USA Review

Review: Lifewatch USA does not earn our check of approval. While they do not offer a lifetime price guarantee, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee and allow you to cancel at anytime.

  • Lifewatch USA offers a 30 day money back cancellation guarantee.
  • You can cancel at anytime.
  • Lifewatch USA does not offer a lifetime price guarantee with any of their plans.
  • No installation, set up, equipment of shipping fees when you sign up.
Lifewatch USA

Lifewatch USA can be reached at 1-800-716-1433 or

Lifewatch USA Facts

Free Self Installation. No Equipment Charges.
Monthly Charges
Advance Payment Discounts
$29.95 Quarterly
$27.45 Annually
Monitoring Agreement Term
Month-To-Month, No Time Commitments
Price Guarantee
Repairs or Replacement Charges
None, Replacements Shipped
Free Gifts
Free Monitoring
Free Month with some plans
Free Gifts
Paid Annually: Free Lockbox

Paid Quarterly: $30.00 off first 3 months

Cancellation Policy & Discounts
Cancel at Any Time
Yes. But No 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Other Discounts
Approximate Button Range in Typical Home
1500 ft Range
Help Button Battery Life
2 years. Button Reports When Battery is Low
What Happens if I Lose Power
3-day Battery Back-Up
Waterproof Help Button?
Help button Options
Necklace or Wristband
UL Certified Equipment
Automatic Self-Test?
24 Hour Technical & Customer Support
Monitoring Station
UL Listed Monitoring
Redundant Backup Monitoring Centers
Typical Response Time When Button Pressed
20 – 30 seconds
Other Options & Information
Shipping Speed
Standard Shipping – 5 to 6 Days
Cost of 2nd Person
$5.00 per month

Lifewatch USA does not receive our check of approval.

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J. Bush September 5, 2015 at 12:44 am

My mother received one in the mail yesterday that she did not order. I called for her to find out how/why they sent it and the operator told me my mom had called their toll-free number and ordered it. She didn’t — and we know she didn’t — because that same day, she ordered a Philips Lifeline and has been wearing it ever since. The Life Watch person said the only thing she could do was go to the post office and return it and they would credit her Visa. She doesn’t drive. She’s worrying herself sick about this.


Gretchen Chapman July 28, 2015 at 7:53 pm

They have no customer service. The number either is not answered or totally disconnects. They are automatically taking twice the payment from my mothers checking account and won’t fix the problem or cancel the plan. Don’t use them!


cindy nardulli April 1, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Lifewatch USA does NOT allow you to cancel at any time.


Lorna Golmis November 6, 2014 at 7:52 pm

LifeWatch USA uses several marketing companies who work on commission to sell their medical alert devices. I was plagued by a telemarketer, who gave me all sorts of misinformation. I was interesting that I gave them an erroneous Security Code for my AmEx credit card, but the charge went through anyway. The following day I received a call from the real company, LifeWatch USA. They told me that they always confirm the orders to be sure they are legitimate sales. I’m now trying to get information on the actual company. I’m currently evaluating a GPS type alert system, but it has a separate speaker unit that so far I keep forgetting to take with me from the charge. This company has a waterproof gps system that is all in one pendant with just a charging unit. The quality of their monitoring service is the key to considering this company’s product.


Thomas Roke October 3, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Mother has the onset of Dementia since 2010. I bought her connect America which she still has! I also installed a call blocker that only allows incoming calls that it checks through my approved call list. It keeps the junk calls away. Well, in July sometime between the morning nurse and the afternoon helper, mother unplugged the unit to plug in the vacuum so all the unwanted sales calls came in including Lifewatch. They conned her into giving her credit card number and they sent a bunch of unneeded equipment. Well the next day, week and nearly a month, mother forgot it even transpired. Then she brought out the boxes to show me and said some nice person left her this stuff for nothing. Well, I tried and tried to call but no live person ever! While you wait to be next in line for a live person it hangs up after a short while, time and time again! I returned the products to the address they came from with a tracking number. I made a copy of product received notice from USPS. We are going to the bank to stop payment and try to reverse bill for some of the money. They even lied about when they would bill mother! The paperwork in the box stated they would extract the first billing in the middle of September. They billed as soon as they had the credit card number!!! I’m filling out paperwork with the state attorney Generals office senior fraud division with copy’s of all paperwork and my USPS receipt to show products returned! They deserve to be put out of business!!!


Linda Gonzales July 28, 2014 at 8:30 pm

They don’t answer their phone… We’ve been trying to get a hold of them for weeks to cancel my father’s account. Now we’ve emailed them – - we’ll see if they respond.

My father had fallen, he pressed the button, they called him, but no emergency service ever responded. He ended up calling 911. He’s just going to keep his cell phone w/ him.


admin July 29, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Hi Linda,
I hope that your experience with Lifewatch doesn’t keep your father from using any medical alert in the future.

For most seniors, a help button is more easily incorporated into their day to day life than carrying around their cell phone at all times. Also, there will be times when that cell phone is being charged or does not have a good cell signal. Using a medical alert is definitely the more reliable way to cover your father.

I hope this helps!


RAE CONNOR May 17, 2014 at 3:20 pm

SCAM. The sales person changed price many times, sent items NOT ordered. I will put this on channel 7 as I know the executive. Would NOT suggest this company to anyone.


RAE CONNOR May 17, 2014 at 3:18 pm

High Pressure sales, took advantage of my Mom, sales person changed price many times, sent things she did NOT order or want, and used another “ghost” company to charge double rental amounts, then denied knowing anything about a company called HOME HEALTH ALERT..hung up on me when I asked are they affiliated.. liars. LIFEWATCH is not worth our time and trouble. I would never suggest this company to anyone. I will put this on channel 7, since I am personal friends with an executive there. CHANGE YOUR TACTICS AND YOU MAY BE MORE SUCCESSFUL.


admin May 19, 2014 at 4:58 pm

Hi Rae,
I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Lifewatch USA, but I am glad that you are sharing this information with everyone. Reading your experience will certainly help others track down where phantom charges from “Home Health Alert” are coming from…


mildred knight February 14, 2014 at 10:45 am

I’m sending your product back because my mom never used it. It was just sitting beside the chair please don’t send anything else she has several alarm systems in her home.


admin February 17, 2014 at 6:16 pm

Hi Mildred,
This is actually a reviews site for these medical alert systems. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest contacting Lifewatch directly to let them know you sent back the equipment.


Sharon Mayer October 26, 2013 at 10:04 pm

My experience with LifeWatch has been positive, or at least not negative. I chose LifeWatch service for my mother several years ago after doing a good amount of researching. Her equipment arrived in a timely manner and works well. She has not, thankfully, had the need to actually use it.


admin October 28, 2013 at 5:14 pm

Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing your experience here. I’m so glad to hear that your mother has not needed to use the system!


Barbara Wesley August 2, 2013 at 3:53 pm

A friend was called by Life Watch and convinced to buy their “service” (NO service). When she received the first equipment, it did not work and had to return it at HER own cost. They sent another box which was supposed to work, but when she fell this week and tried to use it, she got no answer when she pushed her button. When she called the company later, the guy said he would call her back in 20 minutes, but she was still waiting the next day. She called them…and had to talk to 3 different people, one of whom she could not even understand, to cancel the “service” (NO service) and was told she would again have to pay to return the equipment. If this is not abuse of the elderly, then it is a scam for sure…or both. My mother was with a company (Associated Home Services) that was so great to work with, and they pay for their own returns!!! AND, they answered any time she called them. My friend would have been in real trouble had she not been able finally to get up after her fall!!


admin August 2, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Hi Barbara,
I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s experience. It sounds like she received poor service to say the least! Many medical alert companies do ask their customers to pay for the return of the system when cancelling, but I’ve never heard of a company asking their customers to pay to return the system during a service issue – like you described. Lifewatch really should have sent a return label with the new equipment so that your friend didn’t have to pay to send it back.

If she hasn’t already sent the equipment back, you may consider calling them and demanding that they pay for the return. In this situation (considering the poor customer service and that your friend already paid to send it back during a service issue) I feel that you would be completely justified in doing so. You may consider signing her up with one of the 3 companies that have received our Check of Approval (American Senior Safety, Life Response, and Lifestation). I’m confident you’d have a more positive experience with one of these companies.

I hope this helps!


Barbara Wesley August 5, 2013 at 12:35 pm

Thank you. Her daughter was livid about all of this, and she is following up on it.


Marilyn Harris July 16, 2013 at 11:56 pm

On July 3, 2013 I was contacted by Life Watch USA 1-800-717-9295 and was told that this was referred to me by a Dr., at first and when I asked which Dr., then they stated your Sister: C S (I am Only using her Intials). I figured yea because I was looking and talking about getting one for my Father who is in Alzheimer stages and recently got outside and rambled not knowing where he was at! So I asked about G.P.S. and they gave me information on that also, and then turned me over to another person (which I know was in the same room because I heard them in the background watching TV!), I was suspicious, so while I was on the phone waiting I did a search on my Computer which I was at, and what I read was not very good! So when the person got on to take information from me, I stated that I had just searched and it was not good what I was seeing , she stated that they were reputable and had been In business for 30 years. So like a fool I ordered paying for 3 months which was $134.85 ($44.95 @ month for G.P.S. including discount for paying every 3 Months), Well I waited for the Equipment to arrive 4-5 Days as stated and also at the Web page site. On July 10, 2013, I got a call from:1-800-716-1433, and I was told that the Product was out of stock and would not arrive for 2-3 weeks before it was back in stock (well that blows my 30 day guarantee out the window!) So I could not believe this so I told them TO CANCEL MY ENTIRE ORDER AND REFUND AND PUT MY MONEY OF $134.95 BACK INTO MY CHARGE CARD ACCOUNT AND IF THEY DID NOT DO SO WITHIN A COUPLE OF DAYS I WOULD CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE BECAUSE I FEEL THAT THIS IS ELDERLY ABUSE FOR MISLEADING THE ELDERLY, AND ALSO A SCAM, AND THEN TO MY SUPRISE ON MY LOCAL RADIO STATION YESTERDAY JULY 15, 2013 ON THE NEWS THERE WAS A ANNOUNCEMENT WARNING ELDERLY ABOUT SCAM ARTISTS CALLING PROMISING FREE EQUIPMENT FOR SENIOR MONITORING FOR A MONTHLY FEE AND TAKING THE ELDERLY’S CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR THE STATE OF TENNESSEE!!! I will be contacting the Attorney General if my funds are not put back immediately. When you google search the phone number that first called it was from New York, so I will also be contacting the New York Atty’s General Office! Outrage! And feel so stupid for falling for this!!!


admin July 18, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Hi Marilyn,
Thank you for sharing your experience with Lifewatch USA. This will help others make a more educated decision about signing up with them as well… It sounds like you have a good handle on how to respond to the situation, and I am very glad that you are taking action. Doing so will definitely help to protect a lot of seniors who are vulnerable to these type of aggressive sales tactics.

I’ve heard that you can also you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at:

I hope that helps!


jim roberts May 14, 2013 at 2:55 pm

This is a scam running company, preying on people. My husband is slightly OK incapacitated and life watch called saying someone ordered this product for him! And he stupidly gave his card number to them!! I called back the next day and the rep just said OK, without taking any info and hung up. We cancelled card, and 2 wks later the opp product was dropped off by ups. I called company and can only get answering service. I am very angry right now, want this taken away and resolved!!


admin May 14, 2013 at 4:32 pm

I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Lifewatch USA. This industry has a bad history of aggressive sales calls to seniors that absolutely needs to stop! You may consider sending that package back to the address that it came from, or if you can find an address on their website that might work as well. If you do send it back without speaking to someone first, make sure that you get a delivery confirmation with the package (so that you have proof that they received it).

Please don’t let this negative experience ruin your opinion of all medical alerts. If your husband is in need of this type of service, there are a number of really good medical alert companies!

I hope this helps…


Dick French February 9, 2013 at 8:01 pm

got the box on a friday evening and have tried to call the office to get it set up at least 5 times. all we get is an answering service. What the hell? I thought this was 24×7 service. Poor service, at best.


admin February 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Hi Dick,
I am sorry to hear about your experience with Lifewatch USA. It is my understanding that their customer service/technical support is not a 24/7 type of service. But, it is important to understand that the monitoring for all medical alert companies (including Lifewatch) is 24/7.


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